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Character Development is an integral part of Hope Academy Charter School.  The Community Circles are one way that  HACS demonstrates its commitment to enhancing its students character.

Hope Academy Charter School has a morning and afternoon routine that makes it different from traditional schools.  It is called the "Morning and Afternoon Community Circles".  It comprises the entire student body and faculty of the school coming together to foster community spirit and positivity.  Words will not do it justice, as it is something that must be experienced to truly appreciate; but following is a brief description.

The entire community comes together to the beat of an African Djembe Drum.  Designated students join Mr. Daniels, School Dean, in a drum circle. The rest of the student body and faculty form an outer circle which encompasses the entire gym.  Mr. Daniels leads the assembled group in a morning greeting ritual which includes the flag salute, a proverb or lesson, positive affirmations, announcements and ritual songs and chants.  Music, movement, videos and even puppets (Mr. Daniels is an accomplished ventriloquist) are used to positively motivate the Hope Academy Community.  This is generally the first 25-30 minutes of each day.
Afternoon Circle closes each day.  Like the Morning Circle, it also opens and closes to Mr. Daniels and students creating a drum circle and the community coming together.  The main focus of the afternoon circle is to acknowledge students who had an exemplary day and for those students to be recognized for the accomplishment.  This gathering is much shorter, and generally runs between 10 - 15 minutes.



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