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As we enter this New Year of 2008 and as we move toward the completion of the 2007-2008 school year and enter the 2008-2009 school year, we proclaim that Hope Academy will realize stability, productivity, and longevity. To this end, therefore:

✤We decree that Hope Academy will empower its students and families to fulfill their purpose   and maximize their God-given potential.✤We decree that Hope Academy will empower them through the employment of the essential elements of success and prosperity which will produce healthy, stable, economically empowered contributing members of society.
✤We decree that Hope Academy will employ and develop in them the elements of:
•Creative thinking
•Life-Skills: motivated and driven by the Hope Academy core Values of:
✦    Hard Work
✦    Open and Honest Communication
​✦    Personal Commitment
✦    Excellence
•Interpersonal Skills (also based upon the above values)
•Crisis Management•Moral and Ethical Awareness
•Resource Management•Problem Solving Skills
​•Critical Consciousness    
✦The ability to perceive truth from error; to resist systemic, social, political, psychological, religious or economic oppression; and to take action against tyrannical, autocratic, and iron-fisted elements in society that traps the minds of people.
•Critical Thinking
✦The retention and retrieval of information; establishing the relationship between word and meaning, thought and language; the ability to reason, analyze, synthesize, judge, and evaluate.

​✤We decree that we will do everything decently and orderly.

✤We decree that Hope Academy’s building will be released to us. That building will accommodate and house the entire school and accommodate all of our needs, including space for Hope Academy to grow.As it has been decreed, so it will be established for us and it will not be revoked!




​Transforming our community one child at a time